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Rebecca Bogart from school in Florida: shooting began when the class discussed the Holocaust

The website of the newspaper the New York Times brings the story of an eye witness to an armed attack at school named Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Parkland (Florida).

— A shooting at a school in Florida. Photo essay

According to 17-year-old Rebecca Bogart, she heard the shots, when the teacher finished the class discussion of the Holocaust. All the students sat on the floor and crawled under tables and hid this way for 10-15 minutes, she says. Bullets were broken glass in the Windows of the classroom. At least five of Rebecca’s classmates were injured.

When on a scene there has arrived police, in the first place was evacuated wounded. Then he began to withdraw the rest.

Because the shooter was not arrested immediately, students graphed a line with your hands, checking if any of them are suspected of the attack.

The Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters that the victims of the shooting were 17 people, another 16 were injured, three of them were hospitalized in critical condition. The person almost all the dead are identified.

The name of the detainee murderer: it’s Nicholas Cruz (born in 1999), a former student of this school who was expelled for numerous violations of the discipline. According to police, on its pages in social networks found publication, «causing great concern».

From the words of the Senator from Florida bill Nelson, gave comment to the TV channel MSNBC, the following is known: Nicolas Cruz walked into the school with guns, smoke bombs and a gas mask, he pulled the fire alarm, hoping that the students would run out into the hallway and formed a crowd, which will allow you to kill as many people as possible.

Police clarifies: Cruz was armed with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, he had plenty of ammunition cartridges to the rifle. In total he made more than 40 shots.

In school, Nicolas Cruz killed 12 people (students and teachers), and another three he shot near the school. Two wounded later died in hospital.

After the shooting, Cruz was able to escape, mingling with the crowd of students. He was arrested in the nearby town of coral springs, about 2 km from the crime scene. During the arrest the killer was wounded.

At the first interrogation, the killer said that the shot «for fun». He also said that he had repeatedly threatened to come with weapons in the school, but other students laughed at him and did not believe that this could happen.

According to police and FBI that the killer was well prepared for the attack and acted alone.

In high school named Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in the city of Parkland has about 3 thousand students. This is one of the largest educational institutions for high school students in this area of Florida.

Full list of victims is not yet published. It is known that among those killed was a girl from a Jewish family Jamie Guttenberg.

It is also known that among those killed was the assistant high school football coach and the school security guard Aaron FEIS, and among the wounded the son of a Deputy Sheriff.

Rabbi Shoi Beeston from the Jewish community in Parkland (Florida) told the Israeli website Walla that at least four students killed in a shooting in a school named Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, were Jews and one was from an Israeli family who moved to the United States.

The Israeli foreign Ministry at this stage declares that it has no information about the victims of the Israelis in the attack.

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Rebecca Bogart from school in Florida: shooting began when the class discussed the Holocaust 15.02.2018

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