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Reform of the standards Institute approved the final reading

The Knesset Committee on reforms headed by the member Rachel Azaria (“Kulan”) and approved second and third readings of the project of reform of the standards Institute (“Mahon a-Denim”) prepared by the Ministry of economy.

The reform is intended to simplify import of various commodities into Israel and to reduce prices for consumers by reducing the number of standards that are exclusive to Israel.

Currently, approximately 500 international standards for different types of goods that are sold in Israel, there are additional Israeli standards that are not affiliated with any reasonable security requirements or areas of use. In fact, the only purpose of these standards is the protection of local manufacturers.

According to the Ministry of economy, standards Institute do not even have information about how, why, and under what pretext was introduced by the special “Israeli” standards for imported goods.

In the first stage of reform of the standards Institute will be required to publish a list of Israeli standards which are based overseas and can be cancelled. In the second phase, the standards Institute should be able to lead the Israeli standards in line with the global and to accelerate the licensing of imports to Israel.

The reform will apply to all types of imported Israeli products. Thanks to her, in the near future will be lifted restrictions on the import of various types of food products, air conditioners, hygiene products and solar collectors.

Reform of the standards Institute approved the final reading 13.02.2018

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