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Registered LIGO gravitational waves – for the third time in history

The members of the international Scientific collaboration LIGO for the third time, starting in 2015, recorded the presence of gravitational waves, once again confirming the theory put forward by albert Einstein more than 100 years ago.

The signal was registered at the two LIGO detectors in the US, said on Thursday, June 1, edition of Science News with a link to the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

This discovery confirms that the new receiving channel of astrophysical information came into effect.

As in the first two cases, waves were generated by colliding black holes, the merger which formed the new black hole with a mass of about 49 solar masses.

In the previous two events held in September 2015 and January 2017, the mass of formed black holes was 61 and 21 solar masses, respectively. The black holes were located at a distance of 1.3 and 1.4 billion light years from Earth.

In the third case, the source was at a distance of about 3 billion light years. The energy released by the fusion of these black holes exceeds the light energy emitted during this same time, all the stars and galaxies in the Universe.

More than 1,000 scientists from various countries are participating in the project, joining a Scientific collaboration LIGO – LSC, which includes the GEO collaboration.

Registered LIGO gravitational waves – for the third time in history 01.06.2017

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