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Religious Jews of Israel to celebrate Fasting the Tenth of Tevet

10 Jan began Fasting the Tenth of Tevet, established in memory of the misfortunes that befell the Jewish people of the 8th, 9th and 10th day of the month of Tevet.

This post reminds of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem: 10 Tevet, Nebuchadnezzar II began the siege of Jerusalem (597 BC).

Nebuchadnezzar II besieged Jerusalem for two and a half years, until 9 Tamuz was not breached in the walls of the city. A month later, in the afternoon of the 9th of AV was set on fire the Temple. This meant the final loss of the Jewish people of their independence and power over their country, the ruin of his hopes and the destruction of the spiritual center of the people. Tisha b’av began the exile of the people of Israel.

In our generation the 10th of Tevet has received additional value. Immediately after the establishment of Israel the chief Rabbinate decided that this day be a Day of General Kaddish Day of remembrance of the victims of the Disaster, date of death unknown. The 10th of Tevet light a memorial candle (ner Neshama), say Kaddish and learn the sections of the Mishnah, in the name of the souls of these martyrs.

Religious Jews of Israel to celebrate Fasting the Tenth of Tevet 08.01.2017

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