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«Religious riots» in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. The police detention

In Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, held a protest of members of religious movements «And-Peleg and Yerushalmi». Ultra-Orthodox young people demands the immediate release of two students of the yeshiva who were arrested for evading army service.

In Bnei Brak «haredim» blocked Jabotinsky street, creating obstacles for traffic. Participants of the protest action refused to obey the police request to vacate the roadway, and several people had physical resistance to law enforcement officers. In the police officers «haredim» shouted: «Nazis!».

Radio «Kahn Beth» said the crowd of demonstrators surrounded the car and tried to turn it over.

The press service of the police reported the arrest in Bnei Brak 40 demonstrators.

In Jerusalem, a protest involving hundreds of ultra-Orthodox. They blocked traffic at the intersection of Saray Israel and Jaffa, and also took to the tram tracks. Demonstrators chant: «Die, but will not serve in the army.» Police announced the arrest of eight protestors.

The reason for the protests was the arrest of two religious young people. Young men could obtain exemption from military service on the grounds that they are students of the yeshiva. But, fulfilling the decree of the head of the religious movement «And-Peleg and Yerushalmi» Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, they did not appear at the recruiting station for registration of the exemption. A military court they were sentenced to 20 days in prison for «evasion» from the service.

On the eve of the protests were held in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. Was arrested eleven people, they were all released today.

Observers of the religious media reported that the protests of the last days organized by the radical over the «Jerusalem of the wing», which includes only a few thousand people. According to them, most members of the ultra-Orthodox community do not share their views and against their methods of struggle.

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«Religious riots» in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. The police detention 17.10.2017

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