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«Religious wars» in the Knesset: Yisrael Beiteinu and «Yesh Atid» criticize the government, SHAS endorses and thanks

Monday, June 26, the Knesset held a weekly meeting of the parliamentary factions.

The meeting of the faction «Likud» was cancelled without explanation. Faction «Kulanu» and «Bayt Yehudi» closed its meetings to the press.

The party leaders have dedicated their presentations to decisions on the freezing of compromise on the issue of the wailing Wall, and the approval by the inter-Ministerial Commission on legislation of the bill to convert to Judaism.

The head of the party «Israel Our home» Avigdor Lieberman criticized both of these solutions are criticized and called those whom he called the sane forces of the right camp, to come together to fight against them. «Compromise on the issue of the wailing Wall was developed by former Cabinet Secretary and now a legal adviser to the government Avihem Mandelblit, whom nobody will suspect of hostility to Judaism, said Lieberman. This compromise was voted the Ministers from the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett and Ayelet shaked, who yesterday said nothing about it to freeze.»

Lieberman added that the bill to convert to Judaism undermines the project of Rabbi Stav, who is not a reformist or a conservative. «We are not ready to transform Israel into a state of Halacha, it is contrary to the spirit of the founders of Zionism,» — said the head of Yisrael Beiteinu.

Answering questions of journalists, he refused to talk about the possible withdrawal of the party from the government coalition. Lieberman said that the agreement was reached about a week to freeze all steps to advance the bill to convert to Judaism. At this time, NDI intends to negotiate with the «Bayt Yehudi» to unite efforts to lift the bill to convert to Judaism from the agenda.

Editorial asked for comment, the press service of the head of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett, but the response had not been received.

At a meeting of the «Yesh Atid» decisions adopted before, also has been heavily criticized. In the faction meeting was attended by Rick Jacobs President of the Union of reformist trends of the Jews in North America and Julie Schonfield, — the General Director of the conservative movement rabbis.

«Yesterday, millions of Jews in the Diaspora were given to understand that they don’t want to see near the wailing Wall. The reason was the government’s decision on the freezing of the project of creation around the Western Wall of additional land for the prayers of the representatives of heterodox currents,» said Yair Lapid.

«Do you understand who our government «expelled» yesterday? Senators, congressmen, most of the Pro-Israel lobby. Those who donate huge funds for Israel and Jews. Our government has hurt the feelings of the people to whom appeals for assistance and support in difficult moments. People who can influence the most important decisions in Israel’s favor, whether the increase in military aid or sanctions against Iran. Someone explained yesterday, the government, what are the consequences for the economy may lead to this decision?», — said the head of «Yesh Atid».

«The same applies to the decision to approve the draft law on deprivation of private rabbinical courts’ authority in the field of conversion. In an instant, tens of thousands of immigrants got a slap from the government. Religious Zionism is also clearly given to understand that their rabbis — second-class citizens,» added Yair Lapid..

In turn, the head of SHAS Aryeh Deri did not hide the joy about the decisions taken. In the faction meeting was attended by the Deputy from the block «yaadut Torah» Eliezer Moses. «I thank the Prime Minister for decisions that only perpetuate the existing status quo, said Deri. — We have nothing against Jews-reformists, they are our brothers, but we categorically do not accept their way and fighting against attempts to split Judaism and the Jewish people». The head of the SHAS added that criticism of decisions is an attempt to destroy the right-wing government and to discredit Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition partners.

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«Religious wars» in the Knesset: Yisrael Beiteinu and «Yesh Atid» criticize the government, SHAS endorses and thanks 26.06.2017

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