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«Religious wars» of the home itself, Netanyahu held a protest demonstration

Late on Saturday evening, July 1, hundreds of people took part in protests against the freezing of compromise on the issue of prayer at the wailing Wall, and also against a new bill to convert to Judaism.

Participants of the demonstration organized by activists of the reform and conservative movements have protested against what they called «capitulation to the dictates of ultra-Orthodox».

Recall that last Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the freeze for six months of the progress of the bill to convert to Judaism.

At the same time will be submitted to the high court requested the freezing of the lawsuit filed by the reformists, demanding to officially recognize their giory in Israel. As reported from the office of the head of the government, «if the Supreme court rejects the request, the government will be obliged to act in accordance with coalition agreements».

Representatives of the ultra-Orthodox factions require law convert to Judaism, if the high court rejects the request for postponement. According to representatives of SHAS and «yaadut Torah» is consistent with the coalition agreements. At the meeting of heads of coalition parties, which took place last Friday, the Prime Minister refused to give this promise to the ultra-Orthodox. In protest, the head of SHAS Aryeh Deri and Deputy Moshe Gafni («yaadut Torah») left the meeting.

A meeting with the Prime Minister was convened after members of the American lobby AIPAC met with Netanyahu and expressed his concerns about the cancellation of the compromise on the issue of the wailing Wall, as well as the law on the convert to Judaism.

Knesset members Michael Oren and Rachel Azaria («Kulan») issued a joint statement on these issues. From the press service of «Kulanu» passed: «Michael Oren, who, during his tenure as Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. actively promoted the project of creating a special area for prayer at the Wailing Wall for members of the heterodox streams of Judaism that do not support gender segregation, outraged and frustrated by the events of the last week».

“This is nothing but undermining the very foundations of Zionism, the main idea is the establishment of a national home for all Jews in the world, — says Michael Oren. — Cancellation of a compromise on the Western Wall allows only “haredim” the right to decide who is worthy to pray at the Wailing Wall and who is not.”

“The Western wall belongs to all the people of Israel, and in the eyes of Israelis this disgraceful decision is an unequivocal sign of our alienation from the Jews of the Diaspora, whose support we are not shy to use it all the guarantees of our security and the fight against delegitimatize Israel’s right to exist, — said Oren. — The state of Israel defines itself as a national home for the Jewish people, and that’s what we should do.”

MP Rachel Azaria (“Kulan”), joined Michael Oren in a joint statement: “last week the crisis in Israel’s relations with Judaism, the United States reached a boiling point, even more increasing the voltage observed for some time. We both felt this tension during the contact with our colleagues from Jewish communities in the United States in recent years. To prevent further worsening of the crisis, it is necessary to abandon the “law on the convert to Judaism” and to cancel the decision of the government about a compromise on the Western Wall.

“We both strongly against the deterioration of relations with Jews of the Diaspora, and the last taken leadership steps are causing them huge damage, — stated in a joint statement of deputies. — We need the support of the Pro-Israel lobby, and our country depends on the donations of world Jewry, supporting thus the relationship with Israel. Recent events pose a real threat to the Israeli economy and security of the country”.

«Religious wars» of the home itself, Netanyahu held a protest demonstration 02.07.2017

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