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Report of the Palestinian CBS: 66% of Palestinians became refugees

Central Bureau of statistics Palestinian national authority issued a report, timed to celebrate the 20 June International refugee day. It is dedicated to the effects of the «Nakba,» the Exodus of Arabs from Israel in 1948.

In accordance with the data of the Palestinian CBS, became refugees, 66% of Palestinians living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean sea in 1947. In 2016, the number of Palestinian refugees was, according to UN figures, 5.9 million people. Palestinian sources say about 7,2 millions.

Refugees and their descendants accounted for 42% of the population of the West Bank and the Gaza strip. However, unemployment among them one and a half times higher than among residents of the Palestinian territories, did not leave their homes – 33%.

39% of the total number of refugees living in Jordan, 8.8% in Lebanon, from 10.6% in Syria. According to the report, Palestinian refugees leave 10% of the population. There is a list of 20 professions which they are forbidden to do. The ban prevents them to overcome poverty.

Armed conflict in Syria has forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians once again to leave their homes. Many of them rushed to neighbouring countries.

We will remind that on June 11 the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called for the abolition of the UN Agency for assistance to Palestinian refugees and to transfer its powers to the General Commissariat of UN for refugees.

«The Agency’s offices are active incitement against Israel. Because, to a large extent the existence of UNRWA and, unfortunately, its activities are aimed to demonstrate to the Palestinian refugee problem, not its solution, it is time to abolish it as a separate unit,» said Netanyahu.

Report of the Palestinian CBS: 66% of Palestinians became refugees 21.06.2017

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