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Representatives of Netanyahu and Kahlon are negotiating the end to the political crisis

In the night of Monday, March 20, met the Director General of the Ministry of Finance of Shay Baabda and the Minister of tourism AREVA Levin. The purpose of the meeting was an attempt to reach a compromise on the question of the creation of the Corporation for radio and television and end the political crisis threatening collapse of the coalition.

The meeting lasted about two hours, and, according to informed sources, the words quoted by the website NRG, took place in a friendly atmosphere.

Portal Ynet reports that during the meeting they discussed issues of promotion of the draft law on the control over the media, controversial aspects concerning the corporations and social issues of the future Management staff of the radio and television.

There was also discussion of the possibility of dismissal of the current leaders of the Corporation.

Agreed about the daily meetings of the Director General of the Ministry of Finance and his colleagues from the Ministry of communications Shlomo Filber.

In the political system of Israel, increasingly there are voices demanding to find a compromise to avoid collapse of the coalition and early elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns from China on March 22. The next day will be a meeting of heads of coalition factions, which should be the solution of the conflict. The Minister of internal Affairs and head of the SHAS party
Aryeh Deri said that he will ask Netanyahu and Kahlon to negotiate as long as an agreement is reached. «We will not forgive, if we will plunge the country into chaos election. And what’s the occasion? War? Terror? No. Corporation, of which the majority of citizens have not heard?» — Déri said in an interview to the Second channel ITV.

A similar statement was made on the eve of education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Portal Ynet reports that at least 13 deputies from the faction «Likud» oppose early elections against the backdrop of crisis around of the Corporation. One of the most critical opponents of the dissolution of the Knesset is transport Minister Yisrael Katz.

On the morning of 20 March, the political crisis and commented the President Reuven Rivlin, who is on a visit in Vietnam. «It’s crazy to wreck the government because of corporations, while we face so many different tasks,» — said Reuven Rivlin. He added: «we are Talking about an artificial crisis that must be resolved.»

Representatives of Netanyahu and Kahlon are negotiating the end to the political crisis 20.03.2017

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