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Research: helping others relieves the effects of everyday stress

Scientists from Yale University (USA) published
in the journal Clinical Psychological Science the results of the study, according to which the provision of assistance to friends, acquaintances and even strangers can help to lessen the effects of everyday stress on the emotional state and mental health in General.

The researchers note that the busy days will usually lead to depressed mood, and negatively affect mental health, but a little thing like hold the door open for someone can make you feel better. According to scientists, when a person is tense, he often turns to others for support, but another effective strategy to relieve tension can become active helping others.

Experiments in which the period of 14 days was attended by 77 people aged 18 through 44 years has shown that providing support helps to cope with stress and gives additional positive emotions, strengthening mental health.

Scientists point to the need for additional research in different cultures to determine whether to recommend prosocial behavior as a means against low mood or high stress.

Research: helping others relieves the effects of everyday stress 15.12.2015

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