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Research: inflammatory processes provoke depression

In one of the latest editions of the American journal of Psychiatry the results of a study of scientists from rice University and Ohio University that studies the causes of depression.

Having considered these 200 works on the course of depression and inflammation, the researchers were interested in how stress affects the immune system, which determines the resistance to diseases and mental health.

The authors found that chronic inflammation, in addition to the development of cancer and diabetes, were associated with mental health problems, such as depression. Among patients suffering from clinical depression, blood concentration of two inflammatory markers, CRP and IL-6 was higher than 50%.

According to scientists, chronic inflammation is most common among people experiencing stress: for example, having a low socio-economic status or faced in childhood with neglect and violence. Other factors in the inflammatory process, it is the diet rich in fats, and high body mass index.

The researchers came to the conclusion that problems in life lead cause chronic inflammatory reactions that may contribute to the subsequent development of depression.

According to doctors, inflammation is a normal reaction, such as redness on a wounded area of the skin that reflects the immune system, aimed at eliminating the pathogen. However, many people develop chronic inflammatory reaction that can cause many physical and mental illnesses. Stress, poor nutrition and unhealthy habits increase the likelihood of developing the inflammatory process.

The study also showed that depression caused by chronic inflammation that are resistant to traditional therapies, however, can be corrected with the help of yoga, meditation, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and exercise.

Research: inflammatory processes provoke depression 22.12.2015

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