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Researchers found how the fatty foods cause colon cancer

Researchers from the Cleveland clinic (USA) found how the fatty food causes colon cancer. They discovered the molecular chain, which plays a key role in the connection between a diet high in fat and the growth of tumors in the colon. The results of the study were published on Thursday, July 6, on the website Stem Cell Reports.

The website Science Daily, citing materials provided by the Cleveland clinic, explains that we are talking about the set of genes JAK2-STAT3. The researchers found that if you block this chain, the growth of cancer cells caused by fatty foods, is reduced.

Determination of the mechanism of colorectal cancer will allow scientists to develop drugs that will neutralize the negative influence of «Western diets». In the United States is the third incidence of cancer each year get sick 130 thousand people.

«We know about the effects of nutrition on colon cancer. However, these new discoveries for the first time showed a link between consumption of large amounts of fat and colorectal cancer through a special helix, says Dr. Matthew Kalady who participated in the study. Now we can build on this research to develop new treatments to block this chain and to reduce the negative impact of a diet high in fat on the risk of developing colon cancer».

Researchers found how the fatty foods cause colon cancer 07.07.2017

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