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Residents of Balata machine-gun fire foiled an attempt to arrest militants

The Hamas website «Palestinian information center» reports that on the night of June 12, in the Balata refugee camp, clashes took place between residents and Palestinian police.

Police arrived to the camp to arrest a local activist. When they tried to put him in the car, on them opened fire. The incident caused panic among the local population.

The situation in the camp has long remained tense. Located next to Nablus town virtually controlled by the Palestinian national authority. The police regularly in this operation to arrest opponents of the Palestinian leadership.

On August 18 last year in the Old city of Nablus (Nablus) Palestinian security forces conducted an operation to arrest militants of illegal armed groups suspected of committing a series of attacks.

During the shooting, four police officers were injured, two of them died later. As a result of collision were killed and two militants. It was later established that the militants were armed with automatic rifles M-16.

August 20 in the city, clashes broke out between security forces and relatives of one of the fighters killed the day before. The evening of the same day Nablus called for Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah PA, who met with officers of the police and security forces and thanked them for their heroism in the fight against criminals.

August 23 employees of the Palestinian security services were lynched in the Nablus prison inmate, accused of the murder of two of their colleagues.
September 28, in the Balata refugee camp skirmish between members of the Palestinian security forces and a group of militants, which resulted in the wounding four people.

On 21 October, the security forces of the Palestinian authority conducted a large-scale operation in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, which, according to various estimates participated from several hundred to two thousand Palestinian security forces.

20 March 2017 in the Balata killed a Palestinian police force, one policeman was injured. During the firefight was also injured number 1 in the list of wanted by the Palestinian security services in Nablus and another man.

Residents of Balata machine-gun fire foiled an attempt to arrest militants 12.06.2017

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