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«Resounding victory,» Le Pen in local elections: the version of experts

In the first round held last Sunday’s regional elections in France won a convincing victory of the far-right party «national front» headed marine Le Pen, which scored 29.8% of votes.

About it write on Monday, 7 December, foreign media and, in particular, the influential Financial Times.

The centre-right party the Republicans , headed by ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, received 26.2% of the votes and the socialist party, whose leader is the current President, françois Hollande, was in third place with 23.2 per cent.

The second round of regional elections will take place next Monday.

«From now on «national front», without the first party of France. Long live the Republic, long live France», – quotes the words of Le Pen, said in an interview with RM, the news Agency TASS.

Recall that the «national front» was put forward as a priority the fight against illegal migration flow that has engulfed the continent Evropeisky. Le Pen also requires a radical revision of foreign policy, of abandoning the Euro, the return of Frank and reform relations with the EU.

«National front» has strengthened its position after the terrorist attacks on November 13. Even before the attack on the Paris national front leader insisted on the reinstatement of border control, stricter immigration rules and had proposed to deprive the French passports of dual nationals suspected of terrorist activities.

Le Pen also promised to put an end to all forms of international cooperation in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais — Picardie, which she intends to lead. In the region, marine Le Pen received about 40% of the vote. Her niece Marion Marechal Le Pen showed a similar result.

«I think that this is not the role of the region – to pay for mosquito nets for the prisoners in Senegal in the fight against malaria. In our region are rampant with serious illness and cancer, and children with autism, we have to send to Belgium, because we have no structures to receive them. Every Euro spent needs to go to the benefit of the region and its inhabitants», – quotes the words of marine Le Pen, the website of the radio station RFI.

The newspaper reminds that the region is currently developing international projects in cooperation with Mali, Senegal, Madagascar, Brazil, and also with the Polish region of Silesia, at a cost to taxpayers of 6 million Euro annually, out of a total budget of about 1.7 billion.

Experts say that the victory of Le Pen is due not so much «growing xenophobia» as sluggish economic growth in recent years and record levels of unemployment, as evidenced by a large number of votes in favor of NF in the industrial regions in Northern France.

«Resounding victory,» Le Pen in local elections: the version of experts 07.12.2015

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