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Retired insulted the owner of the diseased dog, «dirty sidewalk»

The Daily Mail told its readers about «the most rashawnna the British years,» the 72-year-old John Smedley, a resident of Salford. Within a few minutes the man reviled his neighbor, David McDermott, only for the fact that he is walking with a three year old Labrador Jackson, do not clean up after their dog.

David, a taxi driver with years of experience, admitted that he had never seen such aggressive behavior and heard such a variety of expletives. He tried to explain that his dog a little unwell, she has an upset stomach, so he’s already used all of the packages for cleaning brought from home. Moreover, he said he will take the dog home and will certainly be back to clear the sidewalk.

However, Smedley was not appeased, and his wife, 70-year-old Lynn, ran out of the house with the phone, showing that he was calling the police. According to McDermott, Smedley, shouting insults, «practically spit in his face.»

The owner of a Labrador stated that it regrets the incident that occurred not his fault and certainly not the fault of his dog, which in that day was not feeling very well.

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Retired insulted the owner of the diseased dog, «dirty sidewalk» 07.07.2017

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