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Reuters poll: Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald trump by 12%

The results of a survey conducted by Ipsos-order-Reuters in the period from 18 th to 22 August indicate that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald trump at 12%.

According to the findings, 45% of citizens are ready to give their votes to the Democratic candidate, while the Republican candidate is supported by only 33%.

This figure is a record of the popularity of the democratic candidate in the current month, when the gap between the candidates varied according to various surveys, between 3% and 9%.

This study also showed that 22% of US citizens do not intend to vote for the one nor for the other, and this number greatly exceeds the same indicator of the campaign in 2012, when Barack Obama was opposed by MITT Romney.

According to Thomas Smith, head of the Center for the study of politics and society at the University of Chicago, these people would prefer in the election to support a third candidate – not Clinton, not trump.

Hillary Clinton is leading with a small margin among the four candidates for the post of President of the United States, including the candidate, libertarian Gary Johnson and the leader of the green Jill Stein. For her ready to give their head a 41% of Americans, trump – 33%, Johnson gets 7%, and Steyn is content to 2%.

In this study conducted in the 50 States, were surveyed 1.115. The margin of error is 3%.

Reuters poll: Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald trump by 12% 24.08.2016

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