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Reuters: Russia continues to bypass the sanctions to supply to the Crimea German turbine

According to sources Reuters in the port of Feodosia was delivered two new gas turbines – presumably, the German company Siemens, goods which are prohibited to import into the Crimea in the framework of the EU sanctions against the Peninsula.

Sources of news agencies do not have confirmation that is delivered to Feodosia do turbine produced by Siemens, however, argue that the form and size of the turbines fit the description of the German turbines.

Earlier this week, Siemens announced that two of the four gas turbines being sold by a concern of the Russian company «Tekhnopromexport» (subsidiary of Rostec), was delivered to the Crimea against the will and without the knowledge of management of Siemens. On Tuesday, July 12, Siemens AG filed a lawsuit against «Technopromexport», demanding the return of the turbine to the destination equipment – the city of Taman.

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov has repeatedly stated that the turbines for the Crimea made in Russia.

We will remind, on 19 June, the EU Council extended for another year, until 23 June 2018, the sanctions in respect of Crimea «in connection with the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia.»

Approved by the EU, restrictions apply to citizens and companies of EU countries. In particular, under sanctions misses the import of the EU energy equipment.

The sanctions against Crimea were imposed by the EU after the annexation of the Peninsula by Russia in March 2014.

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Reuters: Russia continues to bypass the sanctions to supply to the Crimea German turbine 13.07.2017

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