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Review of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the recommendations of the police. Full text

The press service of the party «Likud» has provided the full text of the statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made after the publication of the recommendations of the police.


«Citizens of Israel, let me turn to you. All my life I have dedicated to one goal: to guarantee the security and future of Israel. This goal was in front of my eyes when I was an officer in the special forces of the General staff, when his teammates were freed hostages in the hijacked plane Sabena; I saw this goal when he served as Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, when repeatedly presenting our truth to the ambassadors of countries of the world; this goal I saw when he held the position of Minister of Finance and enact reforms gave impetus to the growth of our economy; I see this goal in front of him for the entire time that you are at the post of the Prime Minister, to build our country, to develop it and most importantly, to protect her.

I feel a deep responsibility to continue to lead Israel down a path that ensures our future, the way in which the majority of society believes. So I work constantly, often far into the night and early morning when ringing «red phone» – and in our country, it happens often. So I did until today and so will continue to act responsibly and in a balanced, selfless.

This sense of responsibility is the reason why I am here and this is the reason why you, the citizens of Israel have confidence in me over and over again. You know that everything I do, driven solely by the good of the state. Not for cigars from a friend, not for press, not for the sake of something else- solely for the benefit of the state. And there is no distraction and it won’t distract me from this Holy mission. Including the attacks on me, which did not stop. This day is no different from many others that I had to endure over the past 20 years. Since the election for the post of head of the government practically every day when I would be baseless was not charged. The attacks not only at me with cruelty and malice and attack on my wife and on my children to hurt me. It hurts because I love them.

Over the years has been incredible pressure to open against me in at least 15 cases and checks to lead to my resignation. It all began with grandiose headlines, live broadcasts, some of them with the recommendations of the police, the same as today. All these attempts, without exception, came to nothing.

And since I know the truth, I say to you, and this time it will end in nothing. The recommendations, which we hear tonight, was published a year ago, at the beginning of the investigation, and since they were repeated again and again an infinite number of times.

I reiterate the fact that these recommendations are not empowered in a democratic country. I’m not saying it for the challenge, I mark this as the fundamental fact in our democracy. Israel is a legal state. The law is not the police who makes the decision, and having the powers of a legal court. We do not have to be otherwise. Statistics are clear: more than half of the recommendations of the police not taken the legal authorities and end in vain. That is the reality in Israel. But the recommendations released today is a heavy shadow. It is impossible to get rid of the impression that they were influenced by baseless sensation of the investigators, who believe that I have acted against them, that sent a police officer to complain of sexual harassment against the head of the investigative unit, leading my business that I have arranged surveillance investigators the police that I tripped someone in London against the investigators. Friends, of course, that we are talking about delusional claims are absolutely groundless.

I want you to think that this tells about the result, and what this says about the recommendations, if the one who leads the investigation against you, says you made a case against him. How could he even objectively lead the investigation? How can he make objective recommendations? It is therefore hardly surprising that the recommendations are. I am sure when the courts will test the materials they will identify how the recommendations are unfounded.

Will provide several examples to demonstrate that not only groundless, but also outrageous. How can we take seriously the statement that for cigars I acted for the good of Arnon Milchen, when in fact it was the opposite? I had intended to close the Tenth channel, which belonged to him in part. If it were not for the orders of the legal adviser of the government of Weinstein, the channel would be closed, and shares Milena cleared. How can you say that for cigars I acted for the good Melcena if one of my steps on the post of the Minister of Finance was the abolition of the monopoly Milchina on the market of spare parts for cars in Israel, in complete contradiction of the interests Melcena?

As for the so-called «law Milchina», we are talking about a baseless accusation. This law is conducted by the Olmert government. Thus he was called them. It promoted the Ministry of absorption, they were engaged in the Ministry of Finance led by Finance Minister Yair Lapid, by the way, a good friend Milena who worked before him, the law was supported by justice Minister Yaakov Neeman and many other Ministers, to encourage investment in Israel. Asked me a few times, that says a lot. I replied that I never acted in favor of the Arnon Milchen neither in this question nor in any other, except visa. How can you say that for a cigar, I turned to the Americans to Melcena returned the visa? Why he took her? Because the media have published very important information about what he has done for the state of Israel.

The main duty of every Prime Minister of Israel to help those who have suffered because of the cases made for the state Izaril. Thus did Shimon Peres when he was Prime Minister, when he helped Arnon Milchen when he wanted to be judged in the US for the same things. Thus did I, when Americans were deprived Milena visa for the same reasons. How can you say that I did this for cigars? Neither I nor Shimon Peres could not even think that the head of the government can leave the one who helped the state of Israel, just because he is his friend. May you have no doubts, I also appealed to other governments to help other people, which help the state of Israel, and they needed my help.

Second question, how can you say that I wanted to do something for Noni Moses, with the help of a bill passed about closing «Israel a-Yom» as here, my actions were the opposite? I opposed the law and voted against it. Moreover, I dissolved the Knesset, risked his political future, so the law was not adopted. Now, unlike me, 43 of the Minister and the Deputy was acting for the benefit of Moses. They promoted his bill, many of them have earned the praise of the press in «Yediot Ahronot». How is it possible that most of them were not even questioned? Against them there recommendations? How is it possible that it is against me, who led the fight against this law, there are guidelines, but against the initiators of the law, which received its formulation from Noni Mozes, nothing? Distorting mirror.

Citizens of Israel, I am not here to make money. If I was motivated by this goal, I would have been in a different place. I am driven by only one purpose: to ensure the future of our state. So I say to you: our government will last full term. Together with all the Ministers of the government, we will continue to turn Israel into a rising world power, technological, military and economic power that seeks global status, which previously never had. I with responsibility and loyalty will continue to lead the state of Israel while you, citizens of Israel, choose me. I’m sure the truth will come to light. I am sure that in the next election, which will take place in time, I’ll deserve your trust. Thank you.»

Review of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the recommendations of the police. Full text 14.02.2018

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