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Review: the terrorist who committed a hitting of cadets, was killed by military

Police sources close to the investigation into the car bombing in Jerusalem gained access to the preliminary conclusion of the forensic medicine Institute, according to Ronen Bergman of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot».

— «Car attack» in Jerusalem. Photos

According to sources, the results of the examination indicate that the death of the terrorist was caused by being hit in the head bullets with a caliber of 5.56 mm fired from army weapons. Bullet caliber 9 mm, released from a weapon owned by a civilian, caught in the body of the terrorist, not in the head. Thus, the test results indicate that the terrorist was killed by soldiers, the report says.

10 January 2nd TV channel published the results of a forensic medical examination, noting that the body of a terrorist was discovered the bullets of two calibers: 5.56 mm and 9 mm. From which was concluded that the terrorists were liquidated by the military and civilians. But the exact cause of death was not called.

Special public interest in the circumstances of neutralizing the 28-year-old Fadi al-Bunbury, a resident of the village Dzhabal Mukabr, sent January 8, truck at a group of soldiers in the area of Armon neighborhood, was associated with discussion of the video from the scene of the attack, which was seen as the truck at high speed confuses the students, after which some soldiers run away in search of shelter, the truck drives forward, turns around, and then the driver opened fire.

10th TV channel soon after the attack, published an interview with a tour guide Eitan Rondon, who said that the first to shoot the terrorist, and only after some time joined the military. Many commentators then talked about «syndrome Elora of Azariah» and that soldiers and officers allegedly did not shoot because he was afraid to stand trial for their actions.

The press service of the defense Army of Israel has categorically rejected such suggestions and cited evidence that soldiers almost immediately opened fire on the terrorist, neutralizing it in seconds. It was also explained that some students fled in search of shelter, by order of the commander.

In particular, to reporters after the funeral of the victims was the Lieutenant Maya Peled, who was among those who first opened fire on the terrorist. According to Peled, she realized that it was a terrorist attack and not a traffic accident, when the truck driver backtracked, ready to shoot, she descended the last step of the bus and opened fire on the cab of the truck, and heard at the same time, how to shoot others.

The terrorist attack in Jerusalem, 8 Jan 2017

Sunday, January 8, 13:23 there was a terrorist attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon neighborhood. Truck Mercedes with Israeli (yellow) license plates drove onto the sidewalk and began to push Israeli forces shortly before he left the bus.

The truck drove onto the sidewalk, for 20-25 seconds he was performing maneuvers in an effort to collide with the soldiers, and stopped only when it opened fire.

The attack killed four soldiers: Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel (20 years) from giv’atayim, the Shire hajaj (22) of mA’ale Adumim, Shira Tzur (20 years old) from Haifa, Erez Orbach (20 years) from the settlement of Alon Shvut. Posthumously they were all raised in rank.

17 people were injured and injuries of varying severity.

Behind the truck was driven by 28-year-old Fadi al-Qunbar, who lived in the Jerusalem neighborhood Dzhabal Mukabr (next to Armon neighborhood). The terrorist had Israeli ID.

The press service of «Institute of Yad Ben Zvi» reported that the attack was carried out when the guides this organization, dedicated to the study of Israel and the dissemination of knowledge about the country among the Israelites, was carried out on the observation deck Armon neighborhood event, which was attended by about 300 soldiers of the IDF.

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Review: the terrorist who committed a hitting of cadets, was killed by military 16.01.2017

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