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Rex Tillerson: President of the United States «will put pressure» on Abbas and Netanyahu

The President of the United States, Donald trump intends to «strong pressure» on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President of Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas and force them to return to the negotiating table to find a compromise solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

This was stated on Wednesday, may 24, Secretary Rex Tillerson, who gave an interview at the gangway of the presidential plane arrived today in Brussels, writes the newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

The article also says that Netanyahu spent the day meeting with Jason Greenblatt’s, special envoy of the President of the United States in the middle East, and continued with him the discussion of topics raised during the visit trump.

Earlier it was reported: according to Tillerson, trump, who arrived in Brussels for meetings with EU and NATO would insist that the Alliance joined the coalition fighting the terrorist group «Islamic state».

In addition, trump will demand that NATO member States have fulfilled their obligations and began to pay for the needs of the Alliance to 2% of annual GDP.
«The US spends 4 %. We make great efforts to ensure our common security. You must pay your share – this will be the main topic of his message PATO», – leads edition of the words Tillerson.

He also stressed that the accession of the countries-members of the Alliance who are currently in the role of observers to the fight against ISIS will be an important step in addressing this problem, and he hoped that the Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, is aware of this.

Rex Tillerson: President of the United States «will put pressure» on Abbas and Netanyahu 25.05.2017

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