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Right-wing activists demand to allow the holding of the March in Arar

Right activist Baruch Marzel and attorney Itamar Ben Gvir filed an appeal in the high court of appeals, demanding to review the police ban on the March in Arar near the house and Nagata Milchama who committed the attack on Dizengoff street in tel Aviv.

Marzel and Ben Gvir went to the police with a request to hold a March, which were supposed to take part about 70 activists of the party «Ozma of Yegudit».

To approve Ben Gvir, «the police’s decision is contrary to decisions of the high court of appeals in similar cases in the past and is an attempt to deprive a group of citizens freedom of speech».
The high court of appeals have demanded the authorities to provide a response on the appeal within
one week.

According to information released for publication to date, January 1, at about 14:40 Nashat Milham pistol-machine gun «Range-Falcon» Italian production killed two people and wounded seven on Dizengoff street in tel Aviv. After that Milham ran away from the scene and stopped a taxi on the street Ibn Gvirol, which took him to the hotel «Mandarin» (near Glilot, North of tel Aviv). There, on the street Weizman, Milhem shot the taxi driver. Then the killer walked over to the highway Namir and near the College «Lewinsky» took the bus. To the Wadi Ara that day he got on public transport (with guns). Later investigation revealed the identity of the killer (he by that time was on the way to or already in Arar Arar). The investigators concluded that the terrorist acted alone.

Soon investigators handed a mobile phone that was found in Ramat Aviv shortly before the attack on Dizengoff street, it was Milhama phone, where are kept the videos-selfie, which shows how Nashat drink alcohol and drugs. Nashat also spoke on video about his hatred of the «enemies of Islam», which he believed to be Shiites, Christians, Jews and Russians.

The investigation has information that during the week after the terrorist attack in tel Aviv Nashat Milhem was hiding in several different shelters in Arar, including the container, which belonged to his relatives (probably without their knowledge) and in the warehouse at the house of one of the members of his family (which is one of the accused of assisting a terrorist). Later he helped to quietly move into an abandoned house, where he January 8 was found and disposed of riot police and officers of Shin bet.

According to the investigation, a few residents of Arry knew that Nashat Milhem after the murders in tel Aviv hiding in their village. But the confederates gave him food, water and other essential household items. Among other things, the terrorists were transmitted drugs, and he asked to bring him ammo because he was going to have another attack. The investigation clearly established that Nashat Milhem really was planning a new attack in one of the settlements of Israel.

According to lawyer Ben Gvir, «March in Arar has great public importance, despite the fact that some local residents are unhappy with the fact of its carrying out».

Right-wing activists demand to allow the holding of the March in Arar 18.02.2016

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