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Ritual killing of Palestinian children continues. Review of Arab media

The website of Hamas «Palestinian information center» reports that near the village of Yarka in the vicinity of Jenin occupants shot a group of Palestinian schoolchildren. In killing two teenagers. After the killing, which Hamas calls the ritual, Israeli commandos attacked the nearby adults. Then the village was completely blocked.

The Agency Maan reports that Israel and Turkey are almost ready to sign an agreement, putting an end to the «freedom Flotilla». This was stated by a senior representative of the Party of justice and development. He told how Israel would fulfill one of the main conditions of Ankara – the lifting of the blockade of the Gaza strip.

As the channel «al Jazeera», the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons established that the militants of the Islamic state during fighting in Northern Iraq was used against the Kurdish self-defence mustard gas. Samples were taken after the Kurdish militia appeared the symptoms of exposure to toxic substances. This is the first application of this type AVAILABLE on Iraqi territory since the war with Iran.

The TV channel «Hezbollah» «al-Manar» reported that the Russian Federation in blunt terms condemned the shelling by Turkish artillery of the Kurdish areas of the Syrian province of Aleppo. Moscow called on the UN Security Council to condemn the provocative actions of the Turkish authorities.

London’s «al-Sharq al-Awsat» writes that the head of the PNA Mahmoud Abbas declared that does not intend to resume direct talks with Israel. Instead he proposed to hold an international conference. Abbas supported the French initiative and said that the breakdown of the political process will take advantage of the «Islamic state».

Ritual killing of Palestinian children continues. Review of Arab media 16.02.2016

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