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ROI Folkman: «Let’s build cheap housing, and then we’ll argue about the details»

Knesset member ROI Folkman («Kulan»), is actively promoting legislation in the field of housing and housing, wrote a column for the economic newspaper The Marker, in which he spoke about the promising and important for Israel’s direction – building in the most sought after areas apartments for rent at discounted prices.

In addition to government projects implemented by the state company «rent an Apartment» («the dir Leaster»), in recent years, similar projects initiated by municipalities. Rules of participation in the national and municipal projects are different, which causes numerous disputes.

In his article ROI Folkman indicates that the model selecting beneficiaries for the settlement to apartments for discounted rent based on their income, as is done in some municipal projects, is problematic and requires further discussion. «Sorry but to slow down the progress of projects because of this,» he says.

According to Volkmann, one of the main obstacles to the construction cost of housing is the lack of tools to encourage their construction on private land. If in Jerusalem, be’er Sheva, Herzliya and tel Aviv and Sharon was able to find state-owned land plots, which have started to build houses under the programme «Apartment for rent» in most other cities with high demand for housing of the state of the earth is extremely small. Abroad land owners are encouraged to build a building for lease with tax incentives and the allocation of the extended building permits.

In Israel Folkman promoting amendments to the Law on support of investment, which provide financial incentives for companies building apartments for rent. During the winter session of the Knesset, was adopted the Law on affordable housing that allows you to declare only a part of the apartments of the project provided it bring to the market a certain amount of cheap rent, and will keep these projects profitable for developers.

«We set out what «affordable housing», and at the request of the Union of local authorities – and especially the tel Aviv municipality, even expanded the wording, in accordance with which affordable housing «diyur bar asag» – the apartments, which cost 20% -40% below market. The only question remained, how exactly to select beneficiaries eligible for affordable housing,» – says the Deputy.

According to him, this issue was one of the most controversial during the discussion of the Law on affordable housing: representatives of the municipal authorities insisted on the introduction of nationwide municipal model «cheap rent», which gives this benefit to those who receive low income.

«Israel is not the practice to publish the family income, and therefore you cannot discriminate, providing cheap accommodation to those who has a strong back-to-back in financial terms and the parents who buy or rent apartments, and not to those who received no assistance from his family, but earns more, says Folkman. – This bias is already in the scope of exemptions for Council tax for students: a student who helps a family in need of extra money and earn enough, easy getting a student discount, and those who study and work, providing a fully student discount not get. This is an absolute absurdity and discrimination, which the mayor of tel Aviv Ron Huldai requires extended housing, removable for long-term lease».

ROI Folkman emphasizes that the study of socio-economic level of families that benefit of concessional flats within the program «the new settler», shows a normal distribution between dellami the middle class, without the advantage of the representatives of the upper socio-economic deciles. This model he considers more fair.

«However, I suggest that local authorities initially to build a home for rent in areas of high demand, and then arguing about how to distribute subsidized apartments, and require changes in determining benefits subject to the equal opportunities and the fight against social stratification, – says Folkman. – It makes no sense to divide a skin of not killed bear».

«I suggest that the mayors of the most popular cities, instead of looking for excuses, to promote the construction of affordable housing in significant volumes. We can’t let elected municipal leaders to turn popular city in the place of residence solely for the rich,» concludes Swarms Folkman.

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ROI Folkman: «Let’s build cheap housing, and then we’ll argue about the details» 01.04.2018

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