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Rommel Museum in Egypt will open by the end of Ramadan

In the West of Egypt ends a ten-year restoration of the underground command post, used by the commander of the African corps of the Wehrmacht field Marshal Erwin Rommel during the Second world war.

The Nazis and their allies under the command of the «desert Fox» Rommel rushed to middle East oil. In 1942-1943, the British army halted on the West of Egypt, the attack of the Axis. Soon the military operation was transferred to Italy.

Rommel, one of the most popular German generals, was associated with the conspirators, who on 20 July 1944 attempt to kill Adolf Hitler. The coup failed, all the participants were waiting for the massacre.

The field Marshal was invited to commit suicide. He was buried as a national hero. After the defeat of Germany, without special reason, became a symbol of opposition to the regime, a sample of the officer and citizen.

It is noteworthy that the honorary guest of the opening ceremony of the Museum in 1977 became the mayor of Stuttgart, Manfred Rommel – son of the warlord. He joined the congregation of the command post personal things of his father.

The Museum, located in a cave under the ground, quickly fell into disrepair. He needed serious restoration, which lasted 10 years. According to media reports, the opening of the Museum will coincide with the Eid al-Fitr, the final Ramadan.

Rommel Museum in Egypt will open by the end of Ramadan 17.05.2017

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