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Roni Alsheikh took office as the new inspector General of police

On Thursday morning, December 3, was held a ceremony of inauguration of the new inspector General of police of Roni Alsaha.

The ceremony was held in the office of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, together with Minister of internal security by Gilad Ardana gave the new geninspektor police shoulder boards of Lieutenant-General.

Previous geninspektor police Yochanan Danino resigned from his post on 1 July 2015. Since then, his post was filled by major General Benzi Sau. This week he officially announced that in January 2016 will retire.

As zamgendirektora it will replace the current head of Northern district police major General Zohar Dvir.

The ceremony of inauguration of Roni Alishah was to be held on 16 November, however, the day before new geninspektor broke his leg, and the beginning of his new post was delayed.

Roni Alsheikh was born in Jerusalem in 1963 in a family of immigrants from Yemen. In 1981, he was drafted into the IDF. He served in the airborne brigade. In addition he held the position of commander of a company of sappers, as well as the Deputy commander of the 50th battalion

After his discharge in 1987 he entered the service in the Shin bet, where he held several positions, including head of the district of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, as well as the southern district. In September 2014 Allah holds the position of Deputy head of Shabak, as well as acting.

Roni Alsheikh is married and has seven children. Previously lived in the settlement kokhav hashahar (district of Ramallah), and in recent years lives in Givat Shmuel. Roni Alsheikh is the first in the history of Israel’s religious inspector General of police.

Roni Alsheikh took office as the new inspector General of police 03.12.2015

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