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Ruined «the dancing millionaire» Gianluca Vacca: Instagram users offer help

Italian Bank BPM seized the property of the Instagram star, 50-year-old Italian Gianluca Vacca of known users on the Internet under the name «the Dancing millionaire».

The Vacca has lost several yachts, villas and share in the Golf club, which was a financial provision of 10-million loan taken in 2008. Since then he had paid only two installments for two million euros, but was unable to close the third, which was due to expire at the end of 2015, said the news Agency RIA Novosti.

As says the Italian newspaper .Il Fatto Quotidiano, the seizure of assets of a millionaire could trigger a Domino effect: the total amount of debt his investment holding company, is almost 30 million euros.

Earlier it was reported that in late June, Gianluca Vacca broke up with model Gabriel GA, which met for more than three years. Its popularity he partly owes to ex-girlfriend in July last year, the video depicting them dancing on the deck of a yacht scored many hits

Italian users of social networks reacted to the problems of the entrepreneur with irony: they offer Wakka to take them home for a living, put his photos in a makeshift shack with the caption «the first dance of Vacca in his new home,» and invite the star of social networks come with a summary to the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, and promise to help him find a new source of income.

Ruined «the dancing millionaire» Gianluca Vacca: Instagram users offer help 10.08.2017

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