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Rules sex life with slaves in the «Islamic state» published a fatwa 64

Tuesday, December 29, Reuters published a copy of the English translation of the so-called «64 fatwa» – religious edict, dated 29 January this year, the leadership of the «Islamic state» in Syria, regarding sexual relations with slaves.

First of all, this fatwa confirms the right of Muslims, embarked on the path of Jihad, the possession of slaves and their children.

At the same time, «the fatwa 64» defines a number of restrictions:
1) it is forbidden to have sex with a prisoner, until after the menstrual cycle, and she won’t clean;
2) it is forbidden to have sex with pregnant captives (this does not specify how soon after delivery you can resume sexual intercourse);
3) it is forbidden to force the prisoner to have an abortion;
4) if the owner decides to release the prisoner, no one except him has the right to have sex with her;
5) if the prisoner has an adult daughter and owner of a coveted it, he should refuse to have sex with his mother, if he has sex with his mother, has no right to touch a daughter;
6) the owner of the captive sisters are forbidden to have sex with both, if he sat the second sister, he should sell, donate or release first;
7) if the prisoner belongs to the father, his son cannot have sex with her, and Vice versa; unacceptable sexual contact with a prisoner belonging to his wife;
8) if the father had sex with a prisoner, and then sold or gave it to his son, he no longer has the right to sexual intercourse with her;
9) if the captive was impregnated by her owner, he cannot sell it, and the freedom she will get only after his death;
10) if the owner releases the prisoner, he can no longer have sex with her, so she is his property (according to the English translation, contrary to paragraph 4, perhaps it is about the inability of coercion to have sex);
11) if the prisoner bought two or more men, none of them can have sex with her, because they own it jointly;
12) not allowed to have sex with captive during the menstrual cycle (the same paragraph 1);
13) forbidden to engage with a captive anal sex;
14) the owner must sympathize with the prisoner, to be kind to her, not insult her and not charging her a job that she is unable to perform;
15) the owner must not sell the prisoner a man, if he knows that he will be cruel to her or will do with her what Allaah has forbidden.

Thus, as previously reported, another religious decree IG – «fatwa 68» – allows the use of organs of prisoners «to save the life of a Muslim», even if it leads to death «wrong.»

Rules sex life with slaves in the «Islamic state» published a fatwa 64 29.12.2015

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