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«Run to the border»: the United States and Russia are trying to divide the East of Syria

The Syrian army units occupied the airport dir al-Zura and part is located in the province’s oil fields. Troops are storming the urban areas that remained under the control of the terrorist group «Islamic state».

However, as noted by the London newspaper «al-Hayat», the main goal of the operations at the moment is to capture a longer section of the border with Iraq. Success here will be of great importance for postwar Syria.

In the «run to the border» as part of the Russian-backed Syrian regime. East rushed and Kurdish militia backed by US-led Western coalition.

The Kurds are on the offensive on the East Bank of the Euphrates river, and Syrian troops in the West. The command of the militia claims that direct contacts with the regime of Bashar al-Assad had not, however, the coordination is maintained through the headquarters of the coalition and the Russian military command.

If the Kurds care primarily about future revenues on the East Bank of the river deposits, the United States decided a more serious problem: they are not willing to allow a corridor leading to the Mediterranean sea, fell under the control of Iran.

Syria is increasingly becoming a Russian protectorate. The key question – whether to agree to the official Moscow, which itself recently tried to play the Kurdish card, to recognize American interests in the East.

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«Run to the border»: the United States and Russia are trying to divide the East of Syria 10.09.2017

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