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Russia asks Turkey’s help in returning the wreckage of a downed su-25

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation sent Turkey an official request of assistance in obtaining the wreckage of the su-25 aircraft downed in the Syrian province of Idlib. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

«The Russian defense Ministry sent a request to the Turkish side to assist in getting all the debris of the Russian su-25 shot down by terrorists on 3 February from MANPADS», — quotes Agency the statement of the defense Ministry.

According to the statement, of particular interest to Russia are the remains of the engine of the aircraft with traces the impact of fire missiles. It is expected that this will establish the manufacturer of MANPADS and to understand how he got to Syria.

Major Roman Filipov, the deceased pilot of su-25 shot down in Syria presented by Russia’s defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to the rank of Hero of Russia posthumously.

TASS reports, the Russian defense Ministry: militants shot down from MANPADS su-25 Filipova, when he circled over the areas of de-escalation «Idlib» to monitor the ceasefire; Filipov to the last kept the plane in the air and managed to inform Starfleet that was attacked, the pilot ejected near the village of tell Debes.

Further, the heroism of the pilot is described as: «Major Roman Filipov until the last minutes of life had had the unequal battle with organic weapons, not allowing the militants. Been surrounded by terrorists, he was severely injured when the distance to the militants was reduced to a few tens of meters, a Russian officer blew himself up with a grenade».

Russia asks Turkey’s help in returning the wreckage of a downed su-25 06.02.2018

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