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Russia is accused of killing Syrian civilians. Review of the Russian media

International human rights organization Amnesty International released a report on the impact of the Russian military operation in Syria, said the Russian armed forces have committed war crimes, as regularly not strike blows to positions of fighters and peaceful Syrians and civilian objects. In the Kremlin, foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry such accusations previously always rejected, calling them baseless, writes in Wednesday newspaper «Kommersant».

Human rights activists have analyzed more than 25 attacks of the Russian air force committed in Syria in the period from 30 September to 29 November, and came to the conclusion that the airstrikes resulted in the death of over 200 civilians and only a few dozen fighters.

In particular, the report details how, on 29 November, the shells fell on a market in the town of Ariha Idlib province, killing 49 people. Also the targets of Russian air strikes, statements of Amnesty International, became mosques, hospitals and homes. It is reported that the Russian air force was used repeatedly in densely populated areas with unguided bombs and cluster munitions.

The official Kremlin in the face of the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has said in response to the accusations that he had not received the report. The representative of the Kremlin noted that all information connected with actions of the Russian military space forces in Syria are in the possession of the Ministry of defense of Russia, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

The Russian media with front page news that Russia announced the former head of YUKOS in the international search. In the article entitled «Mikhail Khodorkovsky arrested in absentia for correspondence search» «Kommersant» writes that Interpol may refuse the Russian authorities – if you find in this case political motives.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has said that Vladimir Putin has no relation to a new prosecution of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He also noted that it does not contradict the decision to pardon businessman.

«Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented on the statement of the RCDS about the arrest in absentia. «They went crazy. Yesterday I realized that. Searches the neighbors of those who at the time of the charges was 10 years old, a law allowing to shoot at pregnant women and children of any age — what else you need as proof? The arrest in absentia without the facts on this background looks OK. And most importantly – safe for others».

Harmonization of sanctions lists of the USA and the EU explained at the American Embassy in Russia, the extension of sectoral sanctions Washington against Moscow. «We have made a list of a number of physical and legal persons listed in the sanctions list of the EU – said to «Interfax» the press attache of the American Embassy in Moscow will Stevens. We took this step to further harmonize our respective lists.» The Embassy also stressed that the harmonization of the lists of Washington and Brussels «provides a situation in which business representatives of the US and the EU play by the same rules».

TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov took of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview for the film «the world Order», reflecting the position of the Russian ruling elite and its views on what the new reality should be perceived and citizens, and even citizens of other countries, especially European.
The West in General and USA in particular are presented in the film as carriers of an archaic worldview, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

But can Russia offer the world its holistic, modern and free from stereotypes picture of reality? From the film of Vladimir Solovyov. It, in particular, is that the US dominate the European will, and Russia urges Europe to recover. In other words, Europe still acts as the arena of collision of two systems. Only Russia is no longer communism professes and acts as the defender of European conservative values.

Writer Eduard Limonov, the leader of the National Bolshevik party, is convinced that the creative class of Russia should be «change leaders». In an article published by the Pro-government newspaper «Izvestia» Lemons gives a description of one of these leaders – the ex-head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky, justifying the searches in the offices of his associates.

«Searches of staff members «Other Russia».But what was expected? When Khodorkovsky says things that he says, well, for example, against the «Crimea is ours» and against the volunteers and militia of the Donetsk republics. And does those actions, which does, well, for example, that its gathering of Russian in Kiev, they got his money and with his participation. What could one expect?

Surprisingly, that actually allowed the existence of such organization «Open Russia». Scored an unscrupulous unprincipled girls and boys. And not shy, I must say, still, the Holy simplicity of the score and those who think only high salary was. Not particularly shy scored, but frightening crow Bush afraid. Young, unabashed, unbeaten. Actually one beaten two unbeaten give. Oh, how horrible, came with searches, and almost at six in the morning! Just awful! «Farce!» «Absurd!»

«Political existence is like a slap in Khodorkovsky, suspicions of crimes of blood, opposition in the U.S. is simply not possible. Out there dress Lewinsky, remember how many aroused storms of criticism. And already had chosen Clinton, would know about the dress before the election, someone to fuck got elected President. Khodorkovsky, the man, the suspect in the murders and attempted murders, cannot be the leader of the liberal opposition. You, pushing him, put himself on the line. But not before the authorities, but to the people of Russia. Navalny, convicted twice for financial fraud should not be the leader of the opposition. Worthless to his charges of corruption if he himself is dishonest. Even if you disagree with it two sentences. Even a suspicion should not be@ – Lemons holds surprising Parallels.

Russia is accused of killing Syrian civilians. Review of the Russian media 23.12.2015

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