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Russia is pursuing in Syria is ethnic cleansing. Review of Arab media

Published in the London newspaper «al-Hayat» qualifies the evacuation of the population from the area of al-Weyer in HOMS, Syria as ethnic cleansing. According to the publication, about 10,000 people will be transported to the Turkish border, in an area controlled by the opposition. Newspaper imposes on Russia the responsibility for the transfer of the population.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» tells of the flight of thousands of people from Mosul. Fighting close to the old town, where the stronger the best units of the terrorist group «Islamic state». The battle for the city continued for five months, the outcome will likely determine the fate of the IG.

The TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to the Lebanese group «Hizballa» says that the Syrian air defense downed an Israeli aircraft involved in the latest RAID. It is also noted that the Israeli air force not the first to invade Syrian airspace and not for the first time come under fire. Israel for the first time officially acknowledged the attack but concealed the loss of the aircraft.

The newspaper «al-Ahram» writes that in late April, Egypt at the invitation of President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi will visit Pope Francis. He will visit the University of al-Azhar – the most authoritative school in the Islamic world, and will also meet with the head of the Coptic Church Pope Tawadros Second. Interfaith dialogue was interrupted in 2011.

Russia is pursuing in Syria is ethnic cleansing. Review of Arab media 19.03.2017

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