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Russia is threatening to shoot down American planes West of the Euphrates

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation announced a change to the Protocol for opening fire in force in Syria, the Russian air force. It was a response to intercept the American aircraft of the Syrian su-22 in the vicinity of Raqqa.

«In areas of combat missions of Russian aircraft in the skies of Syria any airborne targets, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles international coalition discovered to the West of the Euphrates river, will be accepted in support of Russian ground and air defense as air targets», — quotes the message of the defense Ministry, the Agency «Interfax».

It is also reported about the suspension of cooperation with the US in the framework of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and to ensure safety. Russia demands from the American side of the investigation of the incident.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council Frants Klintsevich said that we are talking about American aggression and provocation. «And above all provoke Russia», — he stressed.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense announced that the aircraft F-18 American air force shot down a Syrian su-22, shortly before it attacked positions of Kurdish militias near the town of Cadin 40 kilometres from Raqqa.
The statement noted that the target was destroyed in full compliance with the rules for opening fire and in order to ensure collective security units operating in conjunction with the Western coalition.

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Russia is threatening to shoot down American planes West of the Euphrates 19.06.2017

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