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Russia is working on the first electric car on solar batteries

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation supported the project on creation of the first Russian electric car on solar panels developed by Solar team Polytech on the basis of St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great. On Monday, may 22, reported the press service of the Ministry.

According to the head of Polytech Solar Eugenia Zahlebaeva that are reported, at the current stage, the Ministry of industry and trade provides information support, including finding sponsors, reports TASS.

As noted Zagrebaev, «santamobile», called SOL, is built to participate in two major international Championships – Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2017 and 2018 American Solar Challenge in the United States.

«We will become the first team to represent Russia in such competitions, and will actually open up for our country a new kind of passenger road transport,» – said the head of the Polytech Solar.

The developers believe that this type of transport can be claimed in the regions of Russia with a large number of Sunny days a year.

A project to create a «santamobile» was launched in may of 2016. Electric car gets energy from solar panels installed on the roof. Its main advantage is the possibility of Autonomous charging while driving.

The weight of the SOL does not exceed 200 kg, its shell is made of composite materials. The maximum speed is 150 km/h.

Presentation ready «santamobile» is expected in July this year.

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Russia is working on the first electric car on solar batteries 23.05.2017

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