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Russian air force to kill Syrian children. Review of Arab media

The London newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» newspaper writes that victims of a Russian bombing in Syria began 570 civilians, including 152 children. Humanitarian organizations note that 90% of the Russian air force attacked the territory controlled by the moderate opposition, and often deliberately bombed civilian targets – markets, schools. Thus, the intervention of Russia in the conflict has led to a further deterioration of the situation in Syria.

Published in East Jerusalem newspaper «al-Quds» wrote that the damage to the «Arab spring» the region’s economy, reached 833 billion. These data are contained in a report presented at the Dubai economic forum. The amount takes into account the GDP of the Arab countries, falling stock exchanges, the destruction of infrastructure and the costs of assistance to refugees.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports that the UN experts investigating the October test the Islamic Republic of Iran ballistic missiles with a medium range, concluded that the rocket launch violates resolution No. 1929 of the UN security Council. The channel also reports that the IAEA stops the investigation of the military aspects of Iran’s nuclear program.

Published in Saudi newspaper «Okaz» reported that two days in Baghdad will open the Embassy, which closed 25 years ago, after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Despite the fact that after the overthrow of Saddam diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored, the Embassy wasn’t open.

The newspaper «al-Masry WL-yum» reports that, according to a report by the organization «reporters without borders», Egypt ranks second in the world in prosecuting journalists. 22 representatives of this profession are in Egyptian prisons. By this measure, Egypt is second only to China, where the 23 imprisoned journalists. In third place is Iran, where the prison is located 18 members of the media.

Russian air force to kill Syrian children. Review of Arab media 16.12.2015

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