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Russian diplomat: Syrian truce has a chance of success

Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Israel Aleksei Drobinin said the radio station «Sieves Beth» that the agreement on the truce in Syria has a chance of success.

According to him, agreed to establish two working groups under the auspices of Russia and the United States. The first is to develop criteria of the truce, the second was instructed to develop a procedure for the provision of humanitarian assistance blocked by the Syrian cities.

Drobinin stressed that the resolution of the UN security Council No. 2254 does not distribute the truce concluded in Syria, the group recognized the UN as a terrorist, that is, to «Islamic state», «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» and others.

The Russian diplomat also said that Russia supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad legally and in accordance with the request of the legitimate government, unlike the American coalition.

Commenting on the visit of Knesset member from the SHAS party ya’akov Margi in the Crimea, Alexey Drobinin rejected the words of the leader of «Sieves Beth» about the Peninsula’s annexation by Russia, stressing that «Crimea has returned home in accordance with the results of the referendum». He also said that the visit Margie, who wore a private nature, was not reconciled with the Embassy, but any trip of Israeli politicians and individuals in any part of Russia can only be welcomed.

The Ukrainian authorities expressed a protest in connection with the visit of Margie who has not received the permission of Ukraine to visit the Crimea.

Russian diplomat: Syrian truce has a chance of success 12.02.2016

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