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«Russian invasion»: the flight of the Tu-154 over the White house concerned Americans

RT channels and CNN has posted a video of flight of the Russian aircraft Tu-154 over the U.S. Capitol and White house and residence of the President of the United States Donald trump, including above the town of Bedminster, where he now spends summer vacation the American leader.

This is reported in Thursday, August 10, the Russian media, and in particular, news Agency RIA Novosti.

Recall that at this day in the American media this incident was given special attention. The Americans are actively discussing the flight in social networks. Some users called the incident a «Russian invasion», someone found the news fake, and someone was suspected of trying to «trolling» trump.

The Pentagon said that the flight of the Tu-154 was conducted in the framework of the open skies Treaty, stressing that Russian observers within 72 hours sent the necessary request, and on Board the Tu-154 was the representative of the United States air force.

In the Russian defense Ministry said that a team of inspectors performs surveillance flights over U.S. aircraft observations Tu-154M LK-1 with a maximum range of 4.9 thousand kilometers.

«These missions are almost on a regular basis,» explained a Pentagon spokesman, adding that the flight plan has also been submitted for approval to the American side.

A Russian Tu-154 took off from Moscow on Wednesday, August 9, and went to the us border via Reykjavik, Iceland. The aircraft entered the airspace of the United States in the area of Refuge Island in Virginia. Then Tu-154 flying over the country residence of the American leaders at camp David in Maryland, near the military base Wright-Patterson in Ohio and around the underground command post of the mount, Virginia water, reports the edition «the».

The route also passed over the military base Andrews near Washington, Maryland, which is used for flying head of administration of the USA and in the United States by foreign leaders.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in March 1992 in Helsinki by representatives of 23 member States of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe. The document provides acceded to the parties the right to conduct overflights of each other’s territories to monitor military activities.

The flights are operated in accordance with the agreed quotas observation missions. He also reglementary the conduct of flight operations, contains the requirements for the aircraft and installed equipment for monitoring. The document sets the rules for processing during flights of the information – the information collected goes into a database available for all participants, the newspaper writes.

«Russian invasion»: the flight of the Tu-154 over the White house concerned Americans 10.08.2017

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