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Russian Olympic champion was in intensive care after street fight

Volleyball player Dmitry ilyinykh, Olympic champion in the Russian team, was in intensive care after a fight with unknown, reports «R-Sport».

According to preliminary data, he will miss most of the season.

The athlete along with the team of «Gazprom-Yugra» Pavel Zaitsev were beaten in Belgorod after the game with the local club «Belogorye».

«Today we have athletes-volleyball players don’t understand that hard workers do things a little differently. They have organised a farewell Belgorod after the defeat with the score 0-3, and apparently somewhere someone hurt. In any case, their wish was not to investigate, and they do not have to anybody claims. What they all remained alive, is lucky. Ilinykh then was in intensive care, and hares — in «trauma». Soon the hares will have to go back, but ilinykh, I think, long will be returned. They are guilty, and from their mouths it sounded, they apologized to me and informed that no claims to anybody has no. They are great athletes and cause secondary mass a certain hatred. Need to be a professional, and nothing at night to hang out because there is a mode, and they broke it. Life Il’inykh now, thank God, there is no threat», — quotes «R-Sport» head coach «Gazprom-Yugra» Rafael Khabibullin.

According to TASS, Dmitry ilinykh has been diagnosed with a concussion, broken ribs, a broken jaw and internal injuries.

Russian Olympic champion was in intensive care after street fight 11.12.2015

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