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Russian-speaking Internet in Israel. A survey of the project «Wisdom of the crowd»

Analytical project Ali Gervice «Wisdom of crowds» is probably the only analytical and statistical resource in Israel in Russian.

The name «Wisdom of crowds», it would seem that should cause controversy, because, at first glance, combining incongruous, even contradictory concepts. However, the study of the phenomenon of «wisdom of crowds» is dedicated to many scientific works and the financial analyst the New York Times and Wall Street Journal James Surowiecki wrote the same book.

The basic idea is that when answering any question the answers of each individual Respondent can be far from the truth, but the average will be accurate.

A few years of the project «Wisdom of crowds» was conducted dozens of surveys, which confirm this idea. From forecasts of the balance of mandates in the elections to predict the exchange rate.

The success rate of the project is that the sponsors willing to provide prizes, which are raffled between all participants in the surveys. Thus, answering the questions, respondents participate in a lottery of prizes.

Currently, the project site of «Wisdom of crowds» survey on the theme «Russian-speaking Internet in Israel», whose task is to determine which sites and social networks the most popular among Russian-speaking Israelis, to investigate the behavior in social networks, identify priorities, and so on.


Sponsors of this survey was organized by producer center, providing for lottery prizes to invitations to the most interesting performances and concerts, which will shortly take place in Israel, a beauty salon and a company for financial consultations. They provided prizes will be raffled between all participants of the survey.


Editorial offers to all our readers to register on the website of the Israeli project «Wisdom of crowds», which conducted online surveys with prizes.

To register as a member of the online surveys of the project «Wisdom of the crowd»

Recall that among the participants of the surveys on the website prizes are raffled off. All surveys our editorial anonymous and do not require registration.

Russian-speaking Internet in Israel. A survey of the project «Wisdom of the crowd» 08.08.2017

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