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Russian su-34 in Syria was equipped with missiles «air-air»

The representative of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation Colonel Igor Klimov said that members of the contingent of Russian troops in Syria for combat aircraft su-34 first flew on a combat mission, being equipped with missiles «air-air».

«Russian fighter-bombers su-34 flew for the first time today on a mission not only to aircraft bombs ofab-500 and corrected bombs KAB-500, but with missiles «air-air» small and average range. Aircraft equipped with missiles to protect», — quotes its words Agency TASS.

It is noted that the su-34 can carry up to six R-73 range of up to 40 kilometers and up to eight missiles R-27 range of up to 115 kilometers. While Klimov talks about missiles with range of up to 60 kilometers.

The decision to provide Russian aircraft with missiles «air-air» was made after 24 November, the Turkish air force shot down a su-24 bomber. The Russian side claimed that the plane was in Syrian airspace, Turkish – that he was trespassing.

In Syria were deployed additional aircraft fighter aircraft to bombers to provide protection against threats from Turkey. At the airbase Hamim was deployed the latest anti-aircraft missile system s-400 «Triumph».

Russian su-34 in Syria was equipped with missiles «air-air» 01.12.2015

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