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Russian TV channel has never shown the program Mikhalkov’s «Besogon TV»

The TV channel «Russia 24» withdrew from the airwaves, the latest edition of the author’s program of Nikita Mikhalkov «Besogon TV» taken, according to the author, free of charge, in which they discussed freedom of speech, the term «Russian world» and the problems associated with the annexation of Crimea.

About it write on Monday, 14 December, Russian media about the link to the page Mikhalkov on the social network Facebook.

«Having received over a year ago, the proposal to produce our program on the channel, I was assured that the choice of topics and the agenda is always with us, with me as the author of the program. Why is the channel banned us? That’s exactly what I would like to find out together with you, dear spectators,» – said in this post, where you posted a link to the video of the program posted on YouTube hosting.

The reason for the ban was, according to the site the scandal around the leading TV channel «Match TV» Alexey Andronov, expressed their negative opinion about the proponents of the new Russia and the «Russian world».

In connection with these events, the viewer is reminded of the conflict with a leading «echo of Moscow» Matvei Ganapolsky that on air of Ukrainian radio station «Vesti,» called «the bastard», «bitch» and «shit» listener from Dnipropetrovsk, confess his love for Vladimir Putin. The Director compared the Ganapolsky with the Bolsheviks, who established the censorship, and accused him of using staged videos.

According to Mikhalkov, Ganapolsky wants the delivery of the Crimea to the Americans in a position to revive the infrastructure of the Peninsula, for which «he fought the Russians».

Comments from the press service of the TV channel «Russia 24», the journalists could not be obtained, however, on the website of the holding company published a clarification, which stated that the transmission was aired on «ethical reasons».

Russian TV channel has never shown the program Mikhalkov’s «Besogon TV» 15.12.2015

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