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«Russian Union of Latvia» uses the theme of the Holocaust in the struggle against the closure of Russian schools

On Saturday, March 3, on the page of the party «Russian Union of Latvia» on the social network Facebook published an article, conducting a parallel between the liquidation in Latvia of Russian-language schools and the Holocaust.

The party quoted an article signed by L. Novikova, published Russian-language Vesty She urged opponents of the school closures to go on demonstration and to save them from elimination – just as the Germans, who in 1943 a demonstration on the street Rosenstraße in Berlin, saved their Jewish husbands from extermination.

«This documentary is a history lesson on the subject of that can will and the courage was failing. And how dangerous it is to give up. In our time and in our country there is, thank God, a direct threat to life. But there are, unfortunately, Parallels with Goebbels ‘ propaganda,» the article States.

RSL is not the first time trying to use the death of six million European Jews for political purposes. In demonstrations against school closings, held a few months ago, you could see the slogan in English: «Stop the Holocaust of Russian education in Latvia».

«Russian Union» is not represented in the Latvian Saeima, and was able to elect only one representative to the local authorities. However, RSL has one of the eight mandates at the disposal of Latvia in the European Parliament. This post is Tatyana Zhdanok.

Recall that in 2016 Zhdanok was at the center of scandal when it was revealed that during the trip to the middle East delegation of the European Parliament, which included and she met in Beirut with representative of the Lebanese «Hezbollah» Mohammed Raad – head of the political wing group of the closest associates of the leader of the terrorist organization Hassan Nasrallah. He was a close friend of Imad Mughni, head of the military wing of the «Party of Allah». Raad takes a strong stand against Israel, demanding the destruction of «the Zionist entity».

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«Russian Union of Latvia» uses the theme of the Holocaust in the struggle against the closure of Russian schools 04.03.2018

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