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Saar wished Netanyahu to be innocent

6 Sep in or Yehuda, a festive event organized by former Minister of education Gideon Saar in honor of the upcoming Jewish new year (Rosh Hashanah). The event was attended by supporters of the former Minister and his colleagues in the Likud. According to confidants of the Saar, the event was attended by about a thousand people.

Gideon Saar addressed the audience and emphasized in his speech that the state of Israel needs a strong Likud party, which «must continue to lead our country, to point the way and to ensure its future.»

Sa’ar expressed hope that the new year of the investigation against the Prime Minister will be completed without charge.

«In early 1999, Netanyahu appointed me to the position of Secretary to the government. Since then we have come a long way together — in opposition and in government. Usually we worked in mutual understanding and cooperation for the good of our state. Sometimes, we had disagreements. However, they did not affect the fact that we share the same principles, which, in my opinion, so important for the future of our nation. So I, a member of Likud, citizen and soul mate, not just to listen to the news in recent days. I hope the Prime Minister will be innocent. The late Menachem begin argued that even the obvious need to say out loud. Obviously, the fault of the person, or his innocence should be determined in court. Not in TV studios, not the headlines» – said Saar.

In addition, the former Minister said that the Likud opposes a Palestinian state West of the Jordan river, because it will inevitably lead to the loss of security and the threat of destruction of the state of Israel:

«So the territory can not give, and we will not allow that to happen,» said Saar.

Saar wished Netanyahu to be innocent 07.09.2017

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