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Sadhana Forest: an Israelite revives the dying forests of India

Sixteen years ago, the Israeli Aviram Rozin went on a journey through the Indian jungle and was shocked at how quickly deprived this nation of its famous forests.

He decided to contribute to the improvement of the environment and in 2003 moved to India with his wife and daughter. They bought a plot of barren land in the outskirts of Auroville, Tamil Nadu and began to transform, writes 7 February edition of the India Times.

Rosine brought the project called Sadhana Forest and local volunteers began to sow your land with seeds of plants whose survival was threatened, turning it over time into a rich flora and fauna nature reserve.

Today on the basis of Sadhana Forest created actively developing ecological village, where there are more than 150 volunteers from all over the world.

In the plans of the family Rozin and launch similar projects in other needy countries such as Haiti and Kenya, and to help those countries to revive their forests.

Sadhana Forest: an Israelite revives the dying forests of India 07.02.2016

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