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Samarskij the leader of the Hasidim against the repatriation of Jews to Israel

The chief Rabbi of the community samarskij Hasidim in the new York district of Williamsburg, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum during his visit to France told the local Jews that don’t need to immigrate to Israel. In his opinion, our country turns religious Jews in secular people, wrote on Friday, July 7, The Jerusalem Post.

As explained by the author of the article, Jeremy Sharon, stmary are anti-Zionist community, which leads the ideological struggle against the state of Israel since its founding.

Last year the leader of the community of Williamsburg began collecting funds to provide the ultra-Orthodox education for children of immigrants from France who have left this country in connection with the growth of anti-Semitism.

Teitelbaum said that the Jewish Agency Sohnut secularities of immigrants from France. Dry in turn, called these allegations «absurd.»

Now Teitelbaum announced the collection of funds to strengthen the French Jewish community to prevent the repatriation of French Jews to Israel. To this end, he came to France with a group of patrons, whom he encourages to donate funds to community projects in the country.

Teitelbaum warned local Jews about the negative consequences of repatriation to Israel. «Don’t make aliyah to the land of Israel. I don’t believe anything they promise you is out there,» said the Rabbi.

Samarskij the leader of the Hasidim against the repatriation of Jews to Israel


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