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Sanafir and the Tyrant will give Saudi Arabia without ceremony

According to the newspaper «al-Masry al-yum» with reference to official sources, the transfer of Saudi Arabia located in Red sea Islands Sanafir and the Tyrant will be no official ceremonies.

The sources also denied the rumors, according to which the citizens of Egypt will not be able to visit transferred to the Kingdom of the island. According to them, for the trip to Sanafir and Tyrant don’t even need Saudi visa.

In accordance with international law, the parties must exchange copies of the ratified agreement. The document must also transfer for registration with the United Nations.

June 24, Egypt’s President Abd al-Fattah Al-Sisi approved the agreement on demarcation of Maritime boundary with Saudi Arabia. The document also was published in the official Gazette, which made its revision impossible.

The island of Tiran and Sanafir was briefly occupied by the Israeli army during the war of 1956, and then re-occupied in the six day war of 1967. After that they were held by the Israelis until 1982, and then was returned to Egypt under the camp David peace Treaty.

Currently the island is uninhabited, the island of Tiran is a small post of the mission of UN military observers. Part of the territory of the Islands mined since the Israeli occupation.

Sanafir and the Tyrant will give Saudi Arabia without ceremony

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