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Saudi billionaire threw the «old wife», then diplomatic immunity

The British authorities appealed to the government of the island nation of Santa Lucia (between the Islands of Saint Vincent and Martinique, the population of about 160 thousand people) with a request to lift diplomatic immunity citizen of this state, billionaire Saudi origin, Sheikh Walid Juffali.

According to the Times, the high Commissioner Santa Lucia shall respond to the request of London no later than January 8, 2016.

In case of cancellation of diplomatic immunity, the former wife of Sheikh 53-year-old Christina Estrada will be able to achieve the division of property taking into account the interests of their total daughters 13-year-old Serena.

The Ualid Juffali became inaccessible to British justice since April 2014, when he was appointed to the post of the representative of Santa Lucia in the International Maritime organization (International Maritime organisation, IMO), a specialized Agency of the UN and serves as a device for collaboration and information exchange on technical matters affecting international merchant shipping. According to British media reports, since Juffali didn’t attend a single meeting of the IMO (including the summit, which in December took place in London).

The condition of the 60-year-old Walid Juffali is estimated at 4 billion pounds. In the UK he and his former wife owned property worth about 60 million pounds.

Sheikh Ualid considered one of the most extravagant of the rich from the Middle East, «conquered» Europe. He regularly attended auctions, buying including pictures of naked celebrities: for example, in 2005, Shaikh bought for half a million pounds Nude Tamara Mellon and Kate moss.

After the first divorce in 2000 of Ualid Juffali paid his ex-wife, with whom he lived 24 years, 40 million pounds. Second wife, former model Christina Estrada, on the day of its 50th anniversary, he was presented with an unusual surprise – jubilare learned that her husband took another wife – 24-year-old Lebanese beauty of Logan Adada – and, according to Muslim tradition, is ready to increase the number of «legitimate» wives to four. A young wife on a wedding Juffali gave bright pink «Bentley», and the «old» wife is simply forgotten.

The divorce of Christina Estrada and Walid Juffali was transferred to the London court in the spring of 2014. And soon the court was informed that the defendant is unable to attend the hearings and during the next 14 years it will not be able to disturb British justice, since he in this period is appointed to a responsible post at the UN and is the official diplomatic representative of Santa Lucia. Immediately after the appointment of Sheikh divorced «old» wife, according to Muslim tradition three times while saying the phrase: «I’m divorcing you.»

Times notes that more than 20 thousand people in the UK are endowed with the right of diplomatic immunity. In 2014, 14 people with such status has committed a «serious and significant» offences.

In 2007 the Israeli newspaper «Maariv», wrote that wife walida Juffali guard came from Israeli special forces.

Saudi billionaire threw the «old wife», then diplomatic immunity 27.12.2015

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