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Saudi girl, wearing a mini-skirt, will not be punished

Police in Saudi Arabia have released without charge a resident of Kingdom, who decided to walk in a mini-skirt at the ancient fortress of Ushiki, in the province Nige, 155 kilometers North of Riyadh.

The girl, known as Halud, was arrested on 18 July. Her interrogation lasted for several hours. During interrogation she said she was filmed without her knowledge. The authorities decided to believe it, despite the fact that on account of the girl looking at the camera.

The video, posted in mobile app Snapchat, has become an Internet sensation and sparked a fierce debate users. Many of them demanded to give violators of the traditions to the court, others have expressed support for Halud, admiring her courage.

Women in Saudi Arabia are deprived of any rights, needing the tutelage of men. It is the only country where they can’t drive. However, many women work. From the point of view of conservatives, the difference of economic and legal status of women may destabilize the situation in the Kingdom.

Province Nige is one of the most conservative regions in Saudi Arabia. It was here in the late eighteenth century was born the founder of Wahhabism, the most rigid form of Sunni Islam practiced by the Royal family and religious institutions of the country.

Saudi girl, wearing a mini-skirt, will not be punished 20.07.2017

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