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Saudi survived the attack of a lion in a zoo

A resident of Saudi Arabia was in the hospital Buraydah city in the East of the Kingdom after he was attacked by a lion kept in a private menagerie. The condition of the victim is estimated as heavy.

It is unclear whether the victim is the owner or relative of the owner of the menagerie. The rich residents of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf are often kept at home predators or poisonous snakes as a sign of high social status.

They simply buy – sale is conducted, including through social networks. Official bans and reminders to the authorities about the danger of the contents of predators in the home have no effect.

In March 2016 in the Internet appeared the video, depicting a tiger with a broken collar, tossing between cars on the streets of Doha – capital of Qatar.

In December 2016 in the city of Alexandria in Northern Egypt a lion during a circus trainer attacked Islam Shahin. The attack ended in the death of an employee of the circus. Most viewers of the performance were children.

Shahin was taken to the hospital with a broken neck, lacerations of the face and internal injuries. The doctors a few days fought for his life, but to rescue the trainer was not possible.

The lion attacked, was acquired in South Africa shortly before the attack and were not trained properly. It is placed in quarantine.

Saudi survived the attack of a lion in a zoo 28.06.2017

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