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Saudi theologian invited by the stewards to hire couples

Influential Saudi theologian Dr. Nasser Bin Zaid Bin Dawood offered to hire flight attendants of airlines Saudia women whose husbands are working stewards on the same flight. Saudia, the national carrier of the Kingdom, traditionally hiring foreign women.

«All these flight attendants about a thousand. No problem, you can find 1.000 couples who are interested in such work. First they will be used on domestic flights, and then they can be converted and international,» said the theologian, in the past belonged to the Shura Council.

He added that such a system, the corresponding institution of guardianship, applied in girls ‘ schools – they often are the husbands of teachers, laboratory assistants and even school principals.

«Thus will create new jobs for the citizens of the country. Foreigners can get to know our people talking with its representatives in the course of the flight. Modest clothing flight attendants will be beneficial to distinguish them from colleagues of foreign origin,» said the religious authority.

The profession of flight attendants is one of the many not available for residents of Saudi Arabia. Conservatives believe that the women communicating with strange men, even under the supervision of their husbands, will be a real blow to traditional piety.

Saudi theologian invited by the stewards to hire couples 04.06.2017

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