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Scandal in the «Zionist camp»: Gabay accused Balule.

Approximate head unit «Zionist camp» Have GABA sharply criticized Deputy Zohir Balula, refused to take part in the ceremony dedicated to the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

In an interview to the Second channel ITV, Zohir Bahlul said: «I’m not doing anything deliberately, but the ceremony can not accept. This is not the holiday that unites Jews and Arabs. With that Declaration, you have the right to independence, and anyone who has a head on his shoulders, understands that the Jewish people have a right to independence. But how to be with me and my people? Besides the fact that I’m Israeli, I’m Palestinian.»

In response to this, surrounded by the head of the party «Avoda» has stated that we are talking about very radical statements. «Maaloula will not be in the Knesset of the 21st convocation, we are tired of extremism from all sides».

MPs Stav Shafir and Itzik Shmuel, to which the editors asked for comment, refused whatsoever to speak on this issue.

Scandal in the «Zionist camp»: Gabay accused Balule. 31.10.2017

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